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5 Best Powered Speakers 2022

powered speaker reviews

Get the perfect speakers for your home set-up with our big guide. We compare the top models and decide which one you should choose over all others. We recommend the best powered speakers on ...

Best Ear Protection for Kids

kids hearing protection

Find out which headphones will take care of your kids ears the best in our big guide. We compare the top models before choosing one set over all others.Kids have very sensitive hearing and can often ...

Best Electronic Hearing Protection

electronic hearing protectors

Make sure you give your ears the ultimate in protection with our guide to the top electronic hearing protectors available right now.Protecting your hearing is an extremely important part of being a ...

5 Best Sennheiser Earbuds

sennheiser earphone reviews

We take a close look at the top Sennheiser earphones on the market. We compare the stats and features and decide which are best for a variety of uses.If you are looking for superb sound quality and a ...

5 Best In-Ear Monitors for Drummers

in ear monitors for drummers

Get the perfect drumming monitors for your set-up with our big guide. Find out which ones we choose over all others.In-Ear Monitors for drummers (or IEMs) are an essential component to add to your ...

5 Best Beginner Drum Kits

best beginner drum kits

Find the dream kit for your first drumming steps with our ultimate guide to the best starter drum sets. We review the top kits and tell which we recommend over the others.Whether you’re a parent ...

5 Simple Ways to Soundproof a Door


We explain 5 simple ways you can soundproof a door at home. Soundproofing doesn't have to be complicated or expensive, and the best bit is you can do it all yourself. For many people, especially ...

6 Ways to Soundproof a Window


In today's guide, we show you how to soundproof windows yourself. Find out how making your room quieter is easier and cheaper than you think. These are 6 ways to soundproof a window. Windows are ...

The Different Types of Microphone


Learn about the different types of microphones and their uses. Tell your cardioid from your hypercardioid in our ultimate guide to microphones. Microphones come in three main types: cardoid, ...

6 of the Best Audio Interfaces


Need some help choosing the perfect audio interface for your home recording set-up? We take a close look at 6 of the top performers for every budget. Check out our buyer's guide too for the low-down ...

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