The Different Types of Microphone


Learn about the different types of microphones and their uses. Tell your cardioid from your hypercardioid in our ultimate guide to microphones. Microphones come in three main types: cardoid, ...

5 Best Spotify Playlist Downloaders

spotify on smartphone

Looking for the best way to convert your favorite Spotify playlist to mp3? We dissect the top 5 tools on offer and see which is best. A playlist downloader allows you to own a copy of the music ...

The 12 Best Saxophone Songs


The saxophone is one of our favorite instruments here at, so we thought we'd put together a list of some of the best sax songs. The saxophone has a lengthy history that has ...

10 Amazing Gifts for Music Lovers

christmas gifts

Need some inspiration in your quest for the perfect present? In today's article, we list 10 things that would make any musician or music lover extremely happy to receive! We've put together a ...

How to Tune a Guitar by Ear


Ready to ditch the electronic tuner? We explain the steps to tuning a guitar by ear in today's guide. It's hard at first but with a little practice you'll understand your guitar like never before. ...

The Fletcher Munson Curve Explained

fletcher munson curve

Confused by the Fletcher Munson Curve? We break it down into an easily understood explanation. Many people may go about their day to day lives thinking that mixing music is a relatively ...

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