Sound Lessons

The Different Types of Microphone


Learn about the different types of microphones and their uses. Tell your cardioid from your hypercardioid in our ultimate guide to microphones. Microphones come in three main types: cardoid, ...

What is Sound Reverberation?

concert hall reverberation

Reverb affects everything we hear and is common to almost every musical recording. In today's post, find out just what sound reverberation is, how we use it, and how we can measure it. ...

What are Decibels?

What are Decibels?

Learn all about decibels and their unusual scale. Measuring sound isn't straight forward because of our complicated ears. So what are decibels? An SPL meter used for measuring decibels The ...

The History of the Guitar


Find out the history of this iconic instrument. It's much older than you think... The guitar is arguably the most famous musical instrument of all time. It has gained massive popularity in ...

Is the Internet Killing the Music Industry?


Has the internet really been that bad for the music industry? Find out what we think in today's article. The internet has influenced all our lives; be it negatively or positively, it has had an ...

Tips for Singers: How to Look After Your Voice


Make sure your vocals are always at their best with these tips to look after your voice. Just like an athlete looks after their muscles, a singer must look after their vocal chords. As any ...

How Ears Work

How Ears Work

Find out how ears work in our no nonsense guide. Ears are complicated things, but their explanation doesn't have to be.  We know how important our sense of hearing is. Just imagine how life ...

How to Protect Your Ears From Damage


Our ears provide us with one of our precious 5 senses, so it makes sense to treat them better. Find out how you can protect your hearing from damage with our tips on ear safety. According to ...

How to Tune a Guitar by Ear


Ready to ditch the electronic tuner? We explain the steps to tuning a guitar by ear in today's guide. It's hard at first but with a little practice you'll understand your guitar like never before. ...

The Fletcher Munson Curve Explained

fletcher munson curve

Confused by the Fletcher Munson Curve? We break it down into an easily understood explanation. Many people may go about their day to day lives thinking that mixing music is a relatively ...

A Brief History of Recorded Music

A Brief History of Recorded Music

Find out how recorded music started, and how it has developed over the years. We discuss Edison all the way up to MP3s. Music has always been a huge part of human life, and some now even make a ...

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