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8 Best Home Studio Monitors


Find the perfect studio monitors for your home recording project with our latest post. We rate the top speakers for every budget in our comprehensive buyer's guide.Studio speakers are essential to a ...

How to Soundproof a Floor


The second part of our guide covers soundproofing floors. We've got lots of great tips that vary in cost and difficulty. You can also learn how to silence those pesky squeaky floors. ...

How to Soundproof a Room


In the first part of our guide to soundproofing a room, we'll tell you everything you need to know to make your room quieter and also to keep noise from transferring outside. Soundproofing doesn't ...

What is Sound Reverberation?

concert hall reverberation

Reverb affects everything we hear and is common to almost every musical recording. In today's post, find out just what sound reverberation is, how we use it, and how we can measure it. ...

What are Decibels?

What are Decibels?

Learn all about decibels and their unusual scale. Measuring sound isn't straight forward because of our complicated ears. So what are decibels? An SPL meter used for measuring decibels The ...

5 Best Spotify Playlist Downloaders

spotify on smartphone

Looking for the best way to convert your favorite Spotify playlist to mp3? We dissect the top 5 tools on offer and see which is best. A playlist downloader allows you to own a copy of the music ...

The 12 Best Saxophone Songs


The saxophone is one of our favorite instruments here at, so we thought we'd put together a list of some of the best sax songs. The saxophone has a lengthy history that has ...

The History of the Guitar


Find out the history of this iconic instrument. It's much older than you think... The guitar is arguably the most famous musical instrument of all time. It has gained massive popularity in ...

10 Amazing Gifts for Music Lovers

christmas gifts

Need some inspiration in your quest for the perfect present? In today's article, we list 10 things that would make any musician or music lover extremely happy to receive! We've put together a ...

Is the Internet Killing the Music Industry?


Has the internet really been that bad for the music industry? Find out what we think in today's article. The internet has influenced all our lives; be it negatively or positively, it has had an ...

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